Land of Lyrics

...has been shut down

Due to the current anti-consumer and anti-American laws that exist in the U.S. such as the DMCA and the Patriot Act, posting lyrics to the web without permission of the copyright holders is a felony. We have decided that until these misguided penalties are revoked, the risks are not worth the benefits of this hobby website. If you're as outraged as we are about the state of copyright law in the US, contact your local politicians and let them know. Also consider boycotting the major record labels that pushed for these laws in the first place.

Thanks for over ten years of the great memories and comments about the site. We will be posting other projects we work on below in case you're interested.

Computer Programmer Salary Info
If you're a computer programmer and interested in a breakdown of average computer programmer salary by things such as US city or experience level, visit us. We also provide advice articles on things like how to negotiate a salary starting a new programming job or what is generally included in a programmer's compensation package.